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4 Random Things I Didn’t Know

I see every article as an open conversation. That’s why often you’ll find comments from me (and my alter ego, for that matter) on various internet articles. I feel as though it’s one, big, giant conversation.

I See Ugly People!

While reading an article on this subject and observing a few of the most talked about photos, it occurred to me: I don’t like looking at these people that way.

Sh*t Girls Say — If They’re Ms. Cheevious

I’ll admit. I had to do it. I cannot watch something like “Shit Girls Say,” which is so hysterically funny without thinking, ‘HOLY CRAP that sounds an awful lot like a sweeter version of me!’

Go Big or – Don’t

I know, I know. I’m always rallying the troops, blowing the “You can do anything you put your mind to” horn; the positive thinking, positive actions, positive intentions round. I’m the queen of horn blowing, and surprising as it sounds, I actually tend to put my actions, mind and beliefs (even my money) truly where my mouth is.