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Ask people to participate in a reality or comedy series, or a flash mob you’ve got game. Ask them to devote their life to ANYTHING & you lose them ..

What to Do About What They Didn’t Teach You In School

Yep. It’s true. No one gets out of this thing without getting older and aging.
I know. Yawwwwwn. But just because I’m talking about getting older does not mean this post is not for you, or that it’s boring. No. I don’t care how you size it up, but I am never boring. Slow? Maybe. Blond and Ditzy at times? Definitely. Boring? No. Nada. Niet. Never.

The truth is, if you are a SMART young thing, you’ll pay attention to this, so that you can still be HOT, GORGEOUS, HEALTHY and FUN when you DO get older… like forty years from now. So listen up.

The Ties That Bind

Family Ties, that is. Yes. I said it. And my family is important to me. Vitally important. Some may argue the contrary.

Make 2012 Your Golden Year

…every single one of us makes promises that slip through the cracks, in the form of phrases like “I’m going to (insert something you plan to do for a friend or loved one)”, “I’ll call you next week” or even the casual, but still flaky if it doesn’t happen, “Let’s have lunch!” Let’s work toward being authentic and solid in 2012. Shall we?

Holy El Dia de Gracias Batman! It’s Thanksgiving!

One of my favorite things to write about is what I am truly thankful for. I try to do this over Thanksgiving each year. It’s generally in the form of an email to my close friends and family. This year I’m doing it here and now for you all, because, well, I think we can all use a good dose of perspective.

A Happy Accident

Where Ms. Cheevious reminds us of the TRUTH of life, and how living life on purpose, leads to happiness.

I’m Too Sexy for My Genes

Buckle up boys and girls.  There is a TON of information in this post, all written in true Ms. Cheevious fashion (fun)… …

What’s Your Color Today?

Mine remains to be seen people! (except perhaps my bloodshot eyes! OY!) Ha! Will I be blond? Brunette? Red Headed? With me …

The Day I Worked for Food

Where Ms. Cheevious tells us the story, and reminds us of other hilarious predicaments she’s found herself in… Enjoy!

No News IS Good.

Where Ms. Cheevious has absolutely no news – and that is GOOD. Plus a list of things she is SO very grateful for… Read it people!

Desperate Measures

Where Ms. Cheevious resorts to desperate measures to obtain high-paying, gainful employment. The gloves are off and she’s taking no prisoners.

Nada Mama.

Where Ms. Cheevious talks about absolutely nothing. For real… oh and being a super-hero Nada Mama…

Anything but Common!

Okay.  I know I’ve promised to share some juicy tales lately, and have yet to deliver.  But in the craziness of life …

Brand Spanking New… Year

One little statement.  If only we could grasp the power of one little statement.  Think about it.  If someone had intervened – …

Wherever You Go, There You Are

It’s January, 2008, and as the snow dumps at record proportions outside my window in Aspen, Colorado – I am reminded of …

Out in the Desert

This photo taken outside of Moab, UT reflects how I feel about life – especially now – Life is a journey… and …

Catharsis of a Scenic Hike

  The Catharsis of a Scenic Hike By Lisa Jey Davis a.k.a. Ms. Cheevious In Association with Read ‘Em & Weep Articles …

Can We Find Ourselves?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 was a day in recent history marked for me by sadness, guilt, and hope – all rolled into one …