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How Buffy the Vampire Slayer Rocked My World

No, I’m sorry. This is not about the dark and try-as-it may-to-be sinister television series. It’s about the film from 1992. It was suppose to usher in the dawn of the feminist horror queen heroines. No scream queens in this film. But instead it was campy and hilarious…

Sh*t Girls Say — If They’re Ms. Cheevious

I’ll admit. I had to do it. I cannot watch something like “Shit Girls Say,” which is so hysterically funny without thinking, ‘HOLY CRAP that sounds an awful lot like a sweeter version of me!’


Can women successfully rekindle the flames of love and passion, or more importantly, have healthy relationships with ex-boyfriends? That’s what I wanna’ know.

Media Mogul Ms.

Where Ms. Cheevious serves up a giant platter of sarcasm over her “creator’s” wish to dominate the world – or at least have her own YouTube channel.

It’s Time to Delve Into Twelve

If you’re at all like me, you found yourself cruising thru the holidays, way back in 2011, just trying to survive. Thoughts of resolutions were the furthest things from your mind.

Techno-Babe Moments Anyone?

So I started these Techno Babe moments.  I don’t think I shared them with everyone, except perhaps on Facebook.  Anyway, I started …

Such a Tease

Yes I am!  And PROUD OF IT!  Ha ha! I’m sorry! I’ve just not had a single chance to get the final …

Yep. I’m a Crazy Woman.

But at least I’m still smilin’! HA! I am fast approaching trip number three of FOUR – count ’em – FOUR trips …

Summer’s Here in a HOT Minute

Where Ms. Cheevious reminds everyone it’s almost time to put on those “Daisy Dukes with Bikini’s on Top” a la Katy Perry. Inspiring. Fun. Read it.

Here Shrimpy, Shrimpy…

Here’s an inside joke for all you blog fans… This commercial was just too perfect. HA!  Enjoy, and post your comments (and …

Beach Break with Ms. Cheevious!

Where Ms. Cheevious takes a break from her hectic schedule during Grammys, Oscars etc, to tell a joke at Big Dean’s near the Santa Monica Pier.

Celebrities, Wine, Fashion, Police

Where Ms. Cheevious (aka “Lisette”) and her co-host William critique the fashion faux and naux pas for the Bel-Air Magazine NYE Party! Comment & win!

Speaking of the Twins…

Where Ms. Cheevious talks about J-Lo’s famous twins… No, not those twins. Then she opens it up for discussion. Enjoy.

Are Hot Bodies Dead?

Where Ms. Cheevious, seeing the lack of participation around her in health and fitness, is forced to ask the question, “Are Hot Bodies Dead?”

Release the Chihuahuas!

Don’t be Shy!  Leave a Reply! M.C. Nugget and I went to a dinner party in the Los Felis / Silverlake area …

Desperate Measures

Where Ms. Cheevious resorts to desperate measures to obtain high-paying, gainful employment. The gloves are off and she’s taking no prisoners.

Capers of the Sherwood Kind

Where Ms. Cheevious a.k.a. Brat-Tay Sherwood and the other Sherwood Girls get unwittingly involved in another Caper. Too Much.

Lingerie…. Football, That Is

Where Ms. Cheevious tells (and shows) her readers her successful day of tryouts for the Los Angeles Temptation (LFL). Fun Stuff!

Can-Do Attitude Baby!

Where Ms. Cheevious rubs shoulders with at least ONE Diva from her blog… Oh.My.God. But all for a worthy cause: Check it.


Where Ms. Cheevious’ over-accommodating nature causes her to burst into flames – so to speak. Tune in for the funny tale of the day Ms. Cheevious caught fire, and how her Guardian Angel In a Bottle saved her.

Long Live the Rabbit

Where Ms. Cheevious exposes the need for better product development and test marketing in the “personal electronics” industry… VERY personal electronics… and volunteers her services to get the job done.

Left Boob, Right Hand

Where Ms. Cheevious wakes up in an unusual body position (hint: not bad just before Halloween) and poses a series of curiousities to the readers, to try and figure out why.

Random LA Coolness

Where Ms. Cheevious provides you THE list of Random L.A. Coolness. It’s random. That’s for sure!