Manhattan Transfer – Planes, Trains & Automobiles

3AM – west coast time – day of travel – wake up.  eyes wide open.  bummer. never get back to sleep.

12 noon – m.c. nugget and i hop a plane to jfk.

8:30 pm – rainy big apple.  arrive jfk and proceed to the airport “air train,” then the long island railroad into penn station, then a cab to our hotel – m.c., lugging the ms. cheevious luggage entourage up and down many many flights of stairs — it must mean SOMETHING, right?

10:45 pm – our cabbie, one block from hotel in downtown nyc, rolls down his window to ask another cabbie for directions to our hotel (at least he asks for directions).

11:15 pm – dinner in hotel bar. friend of friend joins us for a drink. we close the place down at midnight, and hop in another cab to ulysse’s bar.

12:15 am – our cabbie is lost on the way to ulysse’s — hey, that downtown nyc area is tough to navigate! this cabbie actually pulls over and asks the security guard of a parking lot where our street is.

2:40 am east coast time – we get back to hotel and go to sleep.

– next day –

12 noon-ish – hello sunshine! apparently it’s been missing lately in nyc. glad it shines for us as we eat lunch in rockefeller center!

7:00 pm – dinner with friends ricky & lucy and another fantastic couple down near 14th street.  arte cafe.  yummy.  learn something: as ms. cheevious gets lighter for summer, she cannot hold her liquor very well.  i hear myself struggle to speak clearly, as i sip on my glass of instant inebriation – ha ha – not funny though!!  i am officially a lightweight. 

– next day –

11 am – nuggie susses out neighborhood so “we” can lug our luggage to the subway without too much trouble, and make the journey back to jfk to board a plane to boston.  there i will meet his family.

11:15 am – “we” lug luggage through a couple blocks of downtown to the subway.  okay — nuggie lugs ms. cheevious’ entourage of luggage through a couple of blocks of downtown to the subway, then up and down subway stairs (again, whattaguy), and we board the subway to penn station.

12-ish – we arrive penn station, go up and down more flights of stairs, and board the long island railroad to jamaica station, where we catch the jfk “air train” to the airport.

1pm – arrive at jfk for 2pm flight.  we see it’s delayed an hour and have lunch in terminal 5 sports bar. (terminal 5 rocks).  our flight gets delayed, and delayed, and delayed (thunder storms in boston).

7pm – we board flight five hours after original departure time and taxi for 50 more minutes before taking off.

9 pm-ish – arrive logan international airport – FINALLY. WE MADE IT!

– next day –

HeLLO beautifuls!  I am writing from wet and drippy Manchester, Mass – a quiet, beautiful little suburb of Boston.  M.C. Nugget brought me here to meet his family and spend the Fourth of July together.  What a treat! 

We stopped off in Manhattan on our way over, and spent a couple of days traversing the Big Apple, via cab, train and subway (exactly as depicted above). 

I just gotta say – you’d think with technology today, the powers-that-be could figure out a way to get air traffic down to a REAL science.  Wouldn’t you?  Thunder storms, sunshine, sleet, snow – whatever.  If a thunder storm moves into an area, isn’t there some way they can make sure the planes stay on schedule?  Like can’t they use magnets or tethers or something?  I mean, puhhhh-leazzze.

Nuggie’s family so far (mom, dad, brother, fiance and niece) are delightful dahlings.  I still have one more sibling and some adoptive family members to meet, and of course, I’ll report on them some other time!  But I couldn’t ask to meet a nicer family.  Well — I guess I could ask, and god knows I’ve been known to ask for some unfathomable things — but that doesn’t mean it would be granted – ha! Besides, in this case, it is not at all necessary.  They are awesome.

Today Nuggie and I are heading via train back into Boston to take the famous Duck tour (look it up – it is suppose to be very cool), and watch the rehearsal of the Boston Pops Fourth of July celebration.  If it rains, things may change.

What a fabulous summer so far!  Normally my little guy would have hopped his own flight to come and stay with me for summer by now, but he – believe it or not – is entering HIGH SCHOOL and has football practice that can’t be missed.  Even so, he arrives into LA the day after I get back, when he and I will BOTH celebrate our birthdays (his was June 29 – when he turned 14, and mine will be July 8 – when I will turn 29 for the i-don’t-know-how-many-times-now-because-I’ve-lost-count).

So that is it.  I am off, you beautiful people!

Have a spectacular Fourth of July weekend.  Remember that we live in the greatest country around, even if a bunch of other countries hate us.  Tough.

Love you people!  Mmmmmmmppphhhhuuuuhhhhh!


Ms. Cheevious


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