Fred the Wonder Chicken, Fattening Salad and Prolixity

1. “Fred the Wonder Chicken” is not one of my own alias concoctions.  It is an alias, yes  of a very cool guy (who’s also an actor) I met recently, and who, in addition to being ~hot~  is exceptionally funny. I told him about my blog, and explained his need for an alias, which he kindly provided.  Gotta love it when a guy offers to provide his own alias.  A man after my own heart. Well, I looked Fred up on IMDB, and guess what?  He was one of the actors on some really awesome episodes of Dynasty.  Okay.  He’s done much more than that, but if I told you more, I’d have to kill you, and how tough would that be in cyberspace?  Besides, it would ruin all my fun to divulge too much, now wouldn’t it?  Sorry kiddies, I’ll have to suss this one out before I share more.  Suffice it to say, FWC seems kind, genuine (did I say ~hot~??), and is loads of fun.  I am definitely a fan.
Which one is FWC?
Which one is FWC?

2. What is the point of a fattening salad?  Interestingly, just yesterday there were news reports of how fattening even a Chicken Caesar salad can be – all the calories, salt and fat grams allowed for the entire day!  What is THAT about? And you thought you were being “good”  to forgo a cheese burger for that.  Fuhhhgetttabowdit!  You may as well skip it and go straight for the mountain of supreme nachos or the mound of sweet potato french fries.  Listen – in MY mind, mixed greens and veggies on a salad ought to cancel out the calories and fat grams from the candied walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and decadent dressing.  Geez, the chewing alone ought to cancel them out. They don’t, and it doesn’t.

3. I love the word “prolix.”  Extra points if you know what it means, and if you can tell me why I love it.  Think about it.  No wise-cracks either.  It’s time to use your minds boys and girls (and make sure they are your clean, innocent minds from your childhood).

Oh, guess what?  You’ve just been treated to the second Ms. Cheevious LIST installment — ever!  The first, if you recall was when I wrote about Sir Tab – remember?  Ahhh, is this what meeting knew people does to me?  This is very interesting.  Hmmmmm. 

If you are new here, welcome – and congratulations for taking a walk on the wild side.  I promise, I won’t hurt you – at least not intentionally. 

Love you people!  Mmmmphhhuuuhhhhh!

Ms. Cheevious

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